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Terms of trade

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Quantities & shade/batch variations

  • Please ensure you have allowed adequate quantity with your order. We recommend you and/or your Installer carry out an on-site measure

  • Most of our products are manufactured in batches, please choose carefully and ensure the quantity you require is correct, should you require more, the same batch may not be available

  • Due to batch variations product supplied may vary from samples. You and/or your installer should confirm satisfaction with any product supplied prior to installation. Due to the nature of the product no claims for product fault or suitability for use can be accepted after installation

Quality guarantee

  • We are dedicated to developing a range of quality products. However as most products are manufactured there is a possibility a fault may pass quality control

  • Please advise us of any such fault immediately and without exception BEFORE installation. NO consideration of replacement, exchange or reduction in price will be made once the product has been installed

  • In the case of a fault (prior to installation) we may offer that you return the goods for a credit, or return the goods  for a replacement of similar value and type (if the goods are reasonably available as part of our stock ), or keep the goods and have the price reduced according to fault/value

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Returns & cancellations

  • Due to the nature of the product and batching issues we are unable to accept returns

  • Should we make an exception (at our discretion) a minimum 25% handling fee will be charged

  • Orders, once accepted by us, may not be cancelled without our prior written agreement.  If we do agree to cancellation of part or all of an order, we may, amongst other things, make that acceptance conditional of an applicable charge for costs incurred by us 

  • Indent items cannot be cancelled and/or returned

  • Products such as special price, sale, and clearance items are not covered by warranty and are non-returnable

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Availability, shipping, delivery

  • Supply of product is subject to availability and will need to be confirmed by a physical check  with our warehouse, manufacturer

  • Freight and shipping times/dates are estimated guides only as these are beyond our control

  • Goods supplied, are at your risk immediately on delivery to your designated property, collected by you and/or handed over to your Carrier

  • ALL product should be checked by you immediately on collection/arrival to ensure you are satisfied you have received the right product and it is in good condition. If there is an issue with the product this should be notified to us immediately, alternatively it will be deemed as full acceptance by you

  • Should for any reason product be received in damaged condition this should be notified to the freight/carrier and us immediately on arrival and declared in writing on freight/carriers consignment note. The carrier should be instructed to return damaged product to us immediately, so we may arrange inspection by carrier

  • Damaged product returned to us  shall be replaced provided the following is agreed, a) the freight/carrier agrees liability and reimbursement, and b) replacement stock is available

  • We endeavor to meet preferred delivery dates, however we this is not possible we will not be responsible for any loss, damage or consequential loss arising from any delay

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Suitability for use, installation

  • Please ensure that prior to installation you and your installer/service provider check that you are happy with the quality, caliber, choice and shading of your product

  • Please ensure your selection is suitable for your intended use and project requirement, including any/all technical characteristics such as, but not limited to, PEI rating, frost requirements & ratings, salt, water, chemical and slip resistance, co-efficient ratings/requirements

  • Ensure your installation complies with all building standards, requirements and all manufacturers specifications and requirements

  • Due to the nature of the product/s it is critical to note the installation method, location and/or use requirement can dramatically affect the products use and/or performance

  • Products are guaranteed suitable for their intended use, any product guarantee is void if your use and/or installation method and/or use requirement is not correct and/or substrate and/or location of installation influences the product performance in any way whatsoever

  • We have no responsibility for any failure caused by incorrect installation, product specification and/or suitability for intended/appropriate use

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Indent orders

  • Indent products/orders require full payment on order

  • We will endeavor to meet and exceed any delivery preferences and/or expectations, however this is not always possible as manufacture and shipping is beyond our control. We will not be liable for any loss and/or damage caused as a result of any delay

  • Indent orders cannot be cancelled and payments made for indent orders are non-refundable

  • Indent orders must be collected/delivered within 30 days of arrival or warehouse/storage costs may be incurred

Indent orders cannot be returned

Terms of payment

  • Payment is usually required in full on order

  • If agreed by us, a 50% deposit may be accepted on order with the balance to be paid as agreed by us and/or prior to dispatch of the goods and/or within 30 days from the date of order, whichever is the soonest

  • Payment for indent items is due in full on order

  • Stock cannot be reserved without a deposit payment

  • Warranty/s and/or Producer Statements will not be valid/issued unless/until full payment has been received

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