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Product guarantee

Quality manufacturers and products

  • We do not discriminate by country or origin, but rather by quality of manufacturer

  • We select quality products from quality manufacturers

  • Should a fault slip past quality control please let us know immediately and prior to installation

  • We will happily replace faulty product

Cargo Worker
Modern Luxury Home

Suitability for use and installation

  • Please ensure that prior to installation you and your installer/service provider check that you are happy with the quality, caliber, choice and shading of your product

  • Please ensure your selection is suitable for your intended use

  • Products are guaranteed suitable for their intended use, this guarantee is void if your use and/or installation method is not correct and/or influences the product performance in any way


  • Most of our products are manufactured in batches, please choose carefully and ensure the quantity you require is correct, should you require more, the same batch may not be available

  • Due to the nature of the product and batching issues we are unable to accept returns

Spa Bath
Minimalistic Stairs


  • Due to the nature of the product no claims for product defects and/or faults can be accepted after installation

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